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Listed below are the donations and a portions of the gains of the collection.

Donations and acquisitions 2016, 2015 and 2014

Donations and acquisitions  before 2014

Donations and acquisitions 2016
24 oktober schenking door fam. De Leeuw.

De ouders van dhr. De Leeuw woonden in de oorlog in Naarden. Het is een armband van de Geneesk. Dienst van de Luchtbeschermingsdienst. Vandaag mocht wij deze ontvangen voor onze collectie.
21 oktober via de Oudheidkundige vereniging de Broeklanden Oldebroek ontvangen we documenten van de H. Lindeboom
5 oktober schenking door mw. Van de Vis

Een Philips knijpkat model 7424-03,
opschrift o.a. Importe de Hollande
3 oktober schenking door de fam. Fijn

Naast een persoonsbewijs van de vader van mw. Fijn een 1e en 2e distributie stamkaart en een bewijs 28-11-46 dat men niet meer deelneemt aan de zelfverzorging voor vleesch.
22 september schenking van mw. J. Matsinger-v.d. Vliet

Via vrienden kregen van mw. Matsinger-van de Vliet van haar man en haar zelf een mooi lot met persoonsbewijzen en tweede distributiestamkaarten.

Dhr. Matsinger is tewerkgesteld in Duitsland, omgeving Hamburg, waar hij aan de spoorwegen werkte, hiervan een aantal bewijzen. Verder een paar bewijzen van de geallieerden dat hij weer naar Nederland, eind 31 mei 45 met goedkeuring op 4 juli 45, mocht reizen.

Verder een viertal boekjes.
21 september schenking door de fam. Zielhuis

Een vijftal stamkaarten, een persoonsbewijs, een bon voor damesschoenen en een bewijs van de leider van het distributiekantoor in Kampen dat verkeerde vakken op de stamkaart waren aangekruist. Mw. Zielhuis-Plender komt uit Kampen.
19 september schenking door mw. Van Rijn

We ontvangen een enveloppe met stamkaarten, distributiebonnen, enz. uit Amsterdam.

14 september via de Oudheidkundige vereniging de Broeklanden Oldebroek ontvangen we twee fietsplaatjes en aantal distributiebonnen.
13 augustus via de Oudheidkundige Vereniging Oldebroek kregen we bijgaande herinneringstegel
May 21. Donation by Mrs. Van Dijk

A Dutch black M34 helmet with liner probably used by the police or the domestic armed forces.
May 21. Donation by the Pap family.

A number of ration coupons and a number of post-war ration coupons dated July 31, 1949.
April 30. Donation by Doornewaard-Spronk family.

The soldier's recordbook of Jakob Kroeze geb. 20 juli 1905. 

A certificate of long furlough, May 25, 1940.
April 6. Donation by Mr. H. Stouwdam.

A Dutch M27 helmet with liner.
The helmet is probably seen by the fire brigade using the blind rivets on the back, here probably has a flap sat. On the front are two holes drilled, probably for a emblem.
February 27. Donation by Mr. J. van Heerde.

April last year we received a donation from Mr. Van Heerde, today again a donation.

Two First ration mastercards and a Second ration mastercard.
Two identity cards, one from Gerard van Heerde (born in Renkum) and one from his wife Anneke van Weelden.
A certificate of internment in Stalag II D (Stargard in Polen).
A certificate of being a local policeofficer 3 juli 1942.
A certificate of military autority on 30 juni 1945.
Permission to wear the "Mobilisation war cross".
February 6. Donation by the Pap family.

The soldier's recordbook of Johan Pap, his dog tag and a form for returning equipment.

Soon we hope we can tell more about the history of Johan Pap.
Donations and acquisitions 2015 TOP
November 11. Donation by the Van de Ziel family.

During the war the family lived in Doornspijk.

Besides three identity cards, a ration-coupon book from Doornspijk, a Government ryebread coupon,s a Government sugar coupons and an Ausweis of Hendrik van der Ziel, who was employed as a carpenter.

'A summons to Account' and a 'Diciplinary Decision' becaus Mr. Van der Ziel had sold half a kilo butter overpriced, in January 1943. In March 1943 he got e fee of 60 Dutch guilders.
Oktober 13. Donation by Mr. Hulshoff

The brand of the jerrycan is PSC from 1944.
It has no longer the original color, but it is still useful.

After the war, the jerrycan was used by Mr. Hulshoff's grandfather, who bacame an oilman. When the business was closed, the jerrycan was used by Mr. Hulshoff's father. After that time it was used by Mr. Hulshoff himself. Until a few years ago it was used by a scouting group.
Oktober 3. Private purchase.

Insulator Mk IV MMOR 1941.
On the lid the year 1943.

It is an insulation-box of the British army. Inside a stainless mess-tin could be kept warm.
The box is rather exeptional.

The bos is bottem left. The photo was taken on board an LCT landing-craft.

September 18. Donation by Mr. Van de Flier

During the Harvest Feast Mr. Van de Flier came to the booth of "Oldebroek4045 en omstreken".  He told us he got a box from his dad with old papers about the WWII period.  He wanted to donate them to our collection to be made up.

Of course we accepted these papers. Although lots of them are about the Western part of our country, there are national papers as well. In these papers matters are reported that occurred in our area.

In the area of Oldebroek the paper ”Strijdend Nederland ,” was published. If you have some of these please let us know.
August 6. Donation by  Doornewaard-Spronk family.

Two identity cards,
An bicycle plate 1940-1941,
An early model dog tag (hand-written, later on the data was punched in),
A picture of Gerrit Spronk in the middle, right with the man with the cigarette.

Gerrit Spronk fought on the Grebbeberg, but had to withdraw with his military unit in the direction of The Hague .
August 4. donation by Mrs. Hardlooper

Decorated cartridge-case
17 PR II huls LOT 1024 RLB 1944

The scene on the case is at the top a plane, with on the left a parachute and bottom right a church. (St. Mere Eglise?)
July 22. Private purchase

German Military Stick Grenade Ammunition Carrier Box, made in 1940

June 27. Donation by Mr. B. Brink

An American mine-detector SCR-625-H
Probably made early in 1945
Unfortunately some content is not original.

The mine detector was also used in Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.
July 3. Donation by the Verweij family.

Durig the was, Mrs. Verwey's parents lived in a farmhouse. Later on the Rabobank was built on this location. Nowadays Van Werven has its office in the Rabobank building.

The Canadian left a jerrycan, shown here.
The year 1943 was punched in and in the middle the broad arrow of the War Department W/|\D.
June 22. Donation by the Mulder family.

Three ration master cards and an identity card. As you can see Mr. Mulder's parents lived in Nijmegen at the time.
A picture of two Dutch princesses with a packet of cigarettes?
A number of ration coupons and a number of post-war ration coupons.
Until 1950 ration coupons were still handed out bacause there was a shortage of several goods.
June 9. donation by the Hulshoff family.

A Swiss ammunition pouch.
A British ammunition pouch.
Lee Enfield clips.
An American bag for two .45 magazine.
June 7. Donation by the Van Puffelen family.

A carbide lamp which was used during the blackout in the war.

Memorial volume on the occasion of the twelve and a half year wedding anniversary of princess Juliana en prince Bernhard, 1937-1949.
Memorial volume "The Golden Crown" on the occasion of the golden jubilee of her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina, 1898-1948.
In both books pictures of before and during the secons World War and of the liberation.   
May 28. A lone from Mr. Emond.

German helmet with a rather good interior.
A bayonet.
April 24. Donation by Strijkert-Bovendorp family.

A Czech cartridge-case. Produced in 1939 when they were under German rule.

It was designed for an 8 cm canon vz. 30, by Skoda.

April 17. Donation by the Van Hattem family.

Eibert van Hattem fought in mei 1940 on the Grebbeberg. Slowly his unit had to withdraw to The Hague where they had to surrender. Mr. Van Hattem has always been very closed about this period.

The donation consist of:
- a soldier's recordbook
- dog tag
- three volumes of the "Handbook Soldier"
- a certificate of long furlough, May 26, 1940
April 14. Donation Mr. J. van Heerde.

A number of special items:
- A silk C-escapemap for pilots.
- Foreign currency French francs.
- Police report of the execution of Roelof Schraa by the German military forces, on Oktober 10, 1944, about 9.35 a.m. .
- Forms for returning metal objects.
- Several pictures of pilots.
- Correspondence.

February 17. Donation by Mr. J. Bovendorp

A British oil-can.
Probably used for greasing machine guns.
February 14. Donation by the Van Oene family.

Today, the first donation in 2015, and a very special one.

A Philips 204U "Philetta II". Produced in September 1944.
Eindhoven was liberated September 18, 1944. Under the leadership of the resistance-fighter Gehrels, during the occupationa a transmitter was built by Philips.
On Oktober 3, 1944, "Herrijzend Nederland" started to broadcast.

On the channel designation the words: "Herrijzend Nederland", see picture.

Donations and acquisitions 2014 


December 20. Donation by Mr. B. Brink

A number of finds from the soil from the Hürtgenwald.

November 15. Private purchase.

Wire-cutter dated 1940. Complete with cover from 1945.
The manufacturer of the wire-cutter ilegable.

November 5. Donation by the Westerink family.

Two first ration mastercards an two second ration mastercards.
A  number of different ration cards. Textiles cards for men, fuel cards for heating, fuel cards for cooking and a war-allowance card for people below a certain income.
November 5. Donation by the Westerink family.

Two bicycle-plates. One from 1935-1936 and one from 1938-1939.

Another one with a hole was already donated in 2012. You can find the explanation of the bikeplates there.
September 13. Private purchase.

A tin for fifty cigarettes.

September 11. Private puchase.

Ammunition chests used for:
25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, H.E.
25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, Chem
25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, Smoke
Grenades No. 68
Bomb, hand incendiary 1 1/4-lb

Oktober 12, 2015 a rack as below to create space between the grenades.

Below a picture of what's originals could have been in it.



September 6. Donation by Mr. B. Brink.

A Dutch helmet from World War II, a find from the soil.

No interior or marks. On the front there seems to have been a helmet plate.

September 6. Donation by Mr. B. Brink.

The interior is still partly present.

Black Dutch helmet from World War II were worn by the (mounted) Police and Military Police and in 1945, at the end of the war, during the liberation, by domestic forces.


March 21. Donation by Mr. C. Stoop.

A little reel from the war (British?) Part of the cable was replaced afterwards.

January 4. Private purchase.

- Bag
On the lock: NB LTD AG477
Inside: Light 11 G & S 4/44
On the canvas: No /|\ 2 W & G 1943
On belt: Light 11

- Tin with spectacle cloths
print on the tin: No 342 1 R&C 2/43
print on cloths: UTR Co LTD 5/43

G & S 4/44 57 IN

- Gas-mask
print on rubber: AVON 11-43
other side: Normal

- Bus
print: 3jan44 EXTC 110 2B /|\