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We are busy in building a space to set up a small collection from WWII. In the North of the Veluwe, in Oldebroek where seven aircraft are crashed.
On January 30, 2015, the book "Who we commemorate in and around Oldebroek?" by Dick Breedijk was published. The meeting for the presentation of the first copy took place in the Schutstal of 'Boerderijmuseum De Bovenstreek' in Oldebroek.

After introductory words of chairman Albert Steert, of 'Oudheidkundige Verenging De Broeklanden' and Dirk Jan Grootkarzijn of the 'Chr. Oranjevereniging Oldebroek', Dick Breedijk took the floor. The book shows, among other things, an overview of all plane crashes, resistances movements and killed civilians in and around Oldebroek.

Dick Breedijk presented the first copy of the book to the mayor of the municipality of Oldebroek, Mr. A. Hoogendoorn.
Later on mayor Hoogendoorn spoke to those present.

Jan van 't Hof showed a video message from Gail Hanekom, daughter of Alan Michael Murphy and we had direct contact with Andy Webb, nephew of James Alfred Price. The responses of both persons showed their gratitude for all the work that has been done for the publication of the book and for the commemoration to the deceased pilots.

At the end of the meeting the second copy of the book was handed over to Jan van 't Hof, who did a lot of work collecting data for the book.

If you want a copy please contact:  Oudheidkundige Vereniging De Broeklanden

Albert Steert

Dirk Jan Grootkarzijn with Dick Breedijk

Dick Breedijk with Jan van 't Hof

Mayor A. Hoogendoorn
Dick Breedijk
Jan van 't Hof
Albert Steert

To mrs. Breedijk a flower is handed over.

At the Canadian cementery in Holten every year on Christma Eve, grave lights are put down on each grave.
This is done bij school childeren to commemorate the fallen. Following this example,
 on December 24, 2015, at more than 150 locations grave lights are posted on the graves of the fallen soldiers.
See for the photo's the monuments Oldebroek and Oosterwolde.

On December 2, 2015, a display was decorated in the section of the Oudheidkundige Vereniging De Broeklanden in the Farm Museum in Oldebroek.

There are Dutch en English items on display.

See for the location and opening houres Boerderijmuseum Oldebroek.

Contact with the "Oudheidkundige Vereniging De Broeklanden".

In the first week of June we had contact with the board members Albert
Steert and Helmig Kragt about our common aim: "remembering the history of Oldebroek".
In this conversation we both expressed the wish to join hands for the preservation of the history of World War II in Oldebroek.


"Oldebroek4045 en omstreken" in the news.

In the local paper "" of wednesday (juni 3, 2015) the article below was published.

In the April (2015) issue of "Uut 't Oldebroek", a local paper, there has been a call for bringing in items for the collection of "Oldebroek4045 en omstreken". 

The Polar Bear was the logo of the 49e (West Riding) Infantery Division, which along with the Canadians also liberated parts of the Veluwe and Kampen.

  Monument at the Meidoornpassage (a shopping mall) in Wezep.

There are plans for renovation of the Mall
in Wezep. The memorial will probably be moved.

Let us hope that this Monument will get a prominent place in the Center, so that the memory of those who gave their lives for our homeland remains alive.