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The goal is to collect, possibly on loan, items from the period 1940-1945 (here stands 1940-1945
but actually it's
from the mobilization on 28 august 1939), from the municipality of Oldebroek en surrounding areas
(it may also come from elsewhere) an
d to maintain the collection for exhibition.

As soon there are enough items an exhibition will be held .

Donations never will be sold, provided they are original and from the period 1940-1945.
Donations remain kept for Oldebroek.
Objects that have been given on loan will never be lent out.

In the years 1940 till 1945 there have been Dutch, British, Canadian and German soldiers and perhaps soldiers of other nationalities in Oldebroek and surrounding areas.
There were also police officers, military police and resistance groups. Aircraft
s crashed and a flying bomb, V1, came down in Oosterwolde  .
Quite famous is the attack on the Distribution Office at the Zuiderzeestraatweg in Wezep.
It would be a pity
objects from the WW2 period, still somewhere in attics or barns, are getting lost and will not be displayed.


Sometimes people do not know which items could make up a collection.
Below is a list of things that come into consideration.
Everything used in the Second World War, but it needs a connection with WW2.
Documents Food coupons
Shell cases Ammunition chests
Helmets Emblems
News papers Publicity material
Uniforms Clothing (parachute o.i.d.)
Equipment Packet of cigarettes
(War) finds from the soil enz. enz.
If you are not your item will fit in the collection, please send an email.